How To Shift Thigh Fat…For Good… This Works!

Whether you stumbled on this page while googled “how to get smaller thighs fast”, or “how to lose thigh fat in a week”… This is a common problem for many ladies…

If you are someone who stores fat in your lower body and/or breasts (hour-glass+), your oestrogen to progesterone ratio may be elevated, affecting your ability to burn fat. 

In order to lower oestrogen relative to progesterone, increase foods that help detox oestrogen like cruciferous veggies (broccoli) and green tea. Limit non-organic coffee (or cut coffee out altogether!), limit your exposure to pesticides by incorporating more organic foods and avoid drinking out of plastic bottles/microwave cooking in plastic if possible. 

Also, high cortisol levels from stress may impact this ratio, so try to lower cortisol by walking, doing restorative activities like yoga and Tai Chi, and having quiet ‘me’ time to destress/recover. 

Implementing high intensity exercise like weight-training and HIIT can help lower cortisol over time, as well as increasing testosterone, a fat- burning/muscle-building hormone that women need to help burn fat.

For those who suffer with chocolate cravings at the time of the month, try a hot cocoa drink – no milk or sugar, just water mixed with pure cocoa powder. Not quite the same as a Costa Hot Choc with marshmallows, but can address neurotransmitter imbalances & reduce cravings. – It works!

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